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We have been enjoying the beautiful world of water gardens since 1968. As you can see, we have been in the water garden industry for a long time. We have the knowledge and experience to assist you in building and maintaining your water garden or pond. We did years of research, quality testing and talking to experts to select Aquascape as our supplier. In the water garden industry, Aquascape is considered best in class! For that reason, Water Garden Pond Supplies is an exclusive online Aquascape retailer. 

Where to buy pond supplies near me, Water Garden Pond Supplies is the place. So, kick back, relax and let us deliver your water garden pond supplies to your home or business.

Water Quality

Combining science with simplicity, Aquascape makes it easy to maintain a healthy, well balanced water feature.

Aquascape Water Treatment make dosing simple and affordable. Put away your calculator and enjoy a clean, clear and healthy ecosystem pond, Pondless Waterfall, or decorative fountain with the complete line of Aquascape water treatment products.

Automatic Dosing System

The electronic Automatic Dosing System Features a sturdy housing unit with and easy-to-use control panel that holds water treatment pouches and consistently dispenses the treatment into the water adjust the level of treatment based on the number of gallons of water in your feature to ensure proper dosage. The unit is extremely quiet, dependable, maintain optimal water quality, and best of all does the work for you.

Pump Top Bottles

All of the water treatments for the Automatic Dosing System are available for dispensing from a pump-top bottle. These water treatments come in 8 ounce, 16 ounce, and 32 ounce sizes. In addition, a one-gallon container is available for refilling the pouches or pump-top bottles.

Beneficial Bacteria

Beneficial Bacteria will reduce fish waste, organic plant material, sludge, pond scum, and excess nutrients in your pond or water feature. Available in dry and liquid formulas, aquascape beneficial for ponds is safe for fish, plants, pets and wildlife.

Problem Solving

Our line of problem solving products allows you to select the correct water treatment application for your particular need. from clearing debris to cooling pond water and more.

Algae Fighting

Eliminate string algae or green water quickly and effectively with our popular algae treatments

Water Conditioners

Balance your water in an eco-friendly way with water treatments designed to efficiently compat water quality issues, leaving your pond healthy and beautiful.

Sludge Fighting

Eliminate and prevent unsightly pond sludge with our easy-to*use sludge fighting water treatments.

Fountains Treatments

Enjoy a beautiful fountains year-round with our convenient line of water treatments specifically designed for a variety of fountains.

Lake and Large Pond Treatments

Aquascape Lake and Large Pond Treatments are intended for lake and large pond use only. These formulations are optimized specifically for larger bodies of water and can cause issues when used in smaller water features.

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