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The Science Behind Filtration

There are two forms of filtration that are critical to maintaining a successful ecosystem pond: mechanical and biological. Through mechanical and biological filtration, the water garden will process a variety of nutrients found in the system, including fish waste, uneaten fish food, leaves, and runoff from lawns.

How to Choose the Right Filter for Your Pond

Choosing the right filter for your pond or water garden can be an intimidating and daunting task, so let us break up the task into easy-to-digest categories and desired functionality. There are advantages to every type of filter, so we will list the features and benefits of each option, making it simple and easy to select the correct filter for your application.

New Ponds

The advantage of choosing the right filter before you get started should not be underestimated. Aquascape takes an ecosystem approach to water gardening. This approach uses a skimmer and BioFalls®. The skimmer removes leaves and debris from the surface of the pond, optimizing water quality. A BioFalls® Filter performs two very important functions: it supports mechanical and biological filtration and provides a great start to any waterfall.

Existing Ponds

In some circumstances it is difficult to add a skimmer and BioFalls® to an existing system. Perhaps the shape or building technique makes it prohibitive. In this situation we recommend the use of an UltraKlean™ Pond Filter, Submersible Pond Filter, Pond Waterfall Filter, or Pond Filter Urn. These filters will retrofit quickly into existing systems and provide efficient mechanical and biolocial filtration.

Pond Skimmer Filter

Skimmers are designed to eliminate water quality problems and reduce maintenance by removing debris before it sinks to the bottom of the pond, allowing a pond to be installed anywhere, even beneath trees. Because the skimmer removes debris before it reaches the pump, it acts as a pre-filter, reducing pump maintenance, and making pump access quick and easy.

Biofalls Filters

Aquascape professional-grade BioFalls® Filters provide the most filtration and highest water flows in the market. Durable, rotationally-molded polyethylene construction ensures maximum strength, and all Signature Series BioFalls® Filters include a lifetime warranty!

UltraKlean™ Pond Filters

Aquascape UltraKlean™ Pond Filters provide pond owners with optimum water conditions and crystal clear pond water. The unique sponge-free design minimizes maintenance and maximizes efficient mechanical and biologicalfiltration. The simple-to-use cleaning feature allows for the unit to be backwashed in less than five minutes without opening the canister or getting hands dirty.

• Efficiently traps dirt and debris and eliminates green water

• Includes high-output UV clarifier and integrated electronic bulb-saver

• Easily integrated into new or existing ponds

Submersible Pond Filter

The Aquascape Submersible Pond Filter provides pond owners with efficient mechanical and biological filtration. This unobtrusive filter can be added to the intake of almost any submersible water pump, resulting in crystal clear water and low maintenance pumps.

• For ponds up to 800 gallons

• Provides mechanical and biological filtration

• Pre-filters pumps for reduced maintenance

• Removable cage for easy cleaning

• Keeps pond water clean, clear, and healthy


The IonGen™ effectively removes algae without the use of traditional liquid chemicals and is designed with a microprocessor that sends a signal to its ion producing probe, helping to control algae throughout the entire water feature.

• Simple to install

• Compatible with water containing fish and plants

• Energy efficient (less than $1 per month in electrical costs)

• Treats ponds up to 25,000 gallons

• Complete with electronic control panel, outdoor-rated transformer, flow chamber,  probe fittings, probe holder, copper test kit, alkalinity test kit, and owner’s manual

UltraKlear® UV Clarifier

In a pond, green water can be treated safely and effectively. The Aquascape UltraKlear® UV Clarifier uses a technologically-advanced T5 high-output UVC bulb to eliminate ‘green water’. The Aquascape UltraKlear® UV Clarifier features a swirl sleeve that helps direct the water around the UV bulb, maximizing contact time and increasing UV efficiency up to 50% over traditional UV clarifiers.

• Effectively clears unsightly green (pea soup) water algae blooms

• Simple and easy to use, install, and maintain

• Features a swirl sleeve that optimizes UV efficiency

• High-output UV bulb maximizes performance

• Easy-to-remove bulb and quartz sleeve

• Can be mounted horizontally or vertically

Container Water Garden Filter

The Aquascape Container Water Garden Filter is a complete solution for container water gardens or any containers with stagnant or non-moving water, including birdbaths and water containers holding specimen pond plants like lotus or waterlilies.

• Provides ideal filtration for container water gardens holding up to 50 gallons

• Magnetically driven, or “mag-drive” motor technology, is simple and easy to maintain

• Extremely energy efficient

• Durable pre-filter water intake design prevents clogging and reduces pump maintenance

Snorkel® Vault and Centipede® Module

Aquascape patented Snorkel® Vault and Centipede® Module were specifically designed to tackle any number of the common issues that plague large scale water features. They are modular in design, allowing builders and designers the flexibility to expand the system to meet their needs.

• Highly effective at removing sediment (suspended solids) from ponds

• Easily access collected sediment with Snorkel Vault, reducing the need for costly and invasive dredging

• Improves water clarity

• Works on earth bottom and liner membrane ponds

• Reduces the physical and chemical maintenance that goes along with removing algae

• Easily retrofitted onto existing ponds

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