DIY Backyard Pond Kit 4x6


DIY Backyard Pond Kit 4x6

Our most popular DIY pond kit takes the guesswork out of trying to assemble the perfect combination of equipment and liner.
Kit Incudes:

• Skimmer removes leaves and debris from the surface of the pond and provides protection for your pump

• Filter provides complete biological filtration

• AquaSurge® 2000 waterfall pump

• 25 feet of 1½" quality kink-free hose

• Pond Liner made from quality EPDM 45 mil fish safe rubber - 20-year guarantee!

• Geotextile underlayment - Protects liner from sharp objects

• All necessary fittings and silicone sealants

• Complete installation instructions and owner’s manual Pond Kits come in the following sizes: 4' x 6' Pond Kit

Includes 8' x 10' Liner (Unit Weight: 75 lbs.)