Fungus Treatment 250ml/8.5oz


Fungus Treatment 250ml/8.5oz

Used For the Treatment of Fungus External Protozoan Parasites Including, Freshwater / Saltwater Ich, Costia and Trichodinella It is important to treat immediately after noticing the first signs of fungus or a parasite problem on your pond fish. Common symptoms include white, green or grey cottony looking patches, fish quickly rubbing or flashing against surfaces within the pond. White spots that look like grains of salt or larger stuck to the surface of the fish. Commmon issues that should be avoided include water temperature fluctuation, poor water quality
and/or fish stress.

8 oz./236 ml

(Unit Weight: 0.6 lbs.)

5 ml. treats 25 gal./94 liters

1 bottle treats 1,250 gal./4,725 liters