• Paver Bubbling Fountain Stone Kit 58069


    Paver Bubbling Fountain Stone Kit

    Aquascape Paver Fountain Kits make it simple to add a splash of water to almost any traditional paver application including patios, driveways and walkways

    • Can easily be installed in new or existing paver applications

    • Creates an oxygenated water source for birds and other wildlife

    • The sound of bubbling water can be used to mask unpleasant noise pollution Choose from the pre-designed Mosaic Fountain Stone or create your own design with the solid granite Bubbling Fountain Stone

    Kit includes:
    • Solid granite Bubbling Fountain Stone or Bubbling Formal Mosaic Fountain Stones
    • Fountain Accent Light with 12V Transformer

    • Medium AquaBasin® Water Reservoir

    • Ultra™ Water Pump

    • All Necessary Plumbing Components

    (Unit Weight: 65 lbs.)

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